no (yourpureangel) wrote in tdsbookclub,

I just picked up Running On Empty: How the Deomocractic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About Itby Peter. G. Peterson.

At first I was a bit worried about the credibility of someone named Peter Peterson. Oh, how he must've been made fun of as a child. Then I realized "Oh, wait... if he got picked on a bunch he must have something in common with me!" Plus, the cover says John McCain likes it. And Jon seems cool with Mr. McCain so I figured it must be okay.
Has anyone else read it?

What I really wanted to pick up, but forgot the name & author was Defecit of Decency by Zell Miller... has anyone here read that?
I am really excited and sort of disgustingly girlishly giddy about reading my first politically-oriented book. To me, this feels more exciting and fulfilling than my social life has been the past few months. Then again, my social life hasn't exactly been a page turner lately either.

so.. yeah. i just wanted to share this all with people who might actually (but probably don't) give a shit. or maybe have felt the same before. and stuff.
hope you're having a lovely evening.
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